Traditional British detective fiction is much appreciated everywhere! It's been a great pleasure for me to know my books have been read and loved around the world. 
Mitchell and Markby's adventures have appeared in all the countries of the Commonwealth, also in the USA (St Martin's Press), in the original English.
In translation, all four series (Mitchell and Markby; Fran Varady; Campbell and Carter and the Victorian novels) have been particularly well received in Germany (published by Bastei-Lübbe) winning many fans. The latest title to appear in German is ASCHE AUF SEIN HAUPT (Engl. BRICKS AND MORTALITY).
Many books have been translated into French, Italian, Russian, Czech and Estonian and one into Japanese. Fran Varady's escapades have been translated into Romanian. 


Many of the books are also available in English in large print format and as audiobooks in English and in German.

The books are also available as e-books in original English text