Lizzie Martin arrives in London in 1864 to be companion to her Aunt Parry. But on her way to the house, her cab is held up by a sad sight. The building of the new St Pancras station necessitates the demolition of the houses in the area, and in one of them a body has been discovered. Seeing the wagon with the sheeted corpse pass by is only the first shock awaiting Lizzie. Her predecessor as companion, she learns, disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Aunt Parry believes Miss Hexham eloped with an unsuitable man, so no one has investigated. But soon investigations are underway, led by a childhood acquaintance of Lizzie's, Ben Ross, now a police inspector based at Scotland Yard.

Lizzie Martin is now on her way to the New Forest in Hampshire.  A friend of her employer, Aunt Parry, has asked that Lizzie act temporarily as companion to his niece. Young Lucy Craven has been deserted by her husband and her baby has died. She is living with a couple of maiden aunts. Lucy, not surprisingly, is showing signs of mental stress and the aunts cannot cope. But Lizzie finds she is not the only one on her way to see Lucy. Travelling with her is a 'mad' doctor, Dr Lefebre, who runs a private clinic for the insane. 


How mad is young Lucy? How many of her supposed delusions are in fact reality?

When a blood-spattered Lucy is discovered seated by the corpse of a wandering ratcatcher, then Inspector Ben Ross must come from London to investigate.

London is shrouded in a pea-souper fog. Wandering in that fog, for reasons not fully established, was the beautiful Allegra Benedict, wife of an art dealer. When the fog clears, her murdered body is discovered in Green Park. How much does frightened little Miss Marchwood know? Is there any connection with charismatic preacher, Joshua Fawcett? Who - or what - is the River Wraith who preys on the prostitutes working the riverside on foggy nights? 


Lizzie Martin and Ben Ross are now married and have set up home near to Waterloo Station. Ben, officially, and Lizzie, unofficially, must investigate.

Thomas Tapley is dead, brutally bludgeoned in his lodgings. Thomas was elderly, apparently without friends or family, and living on a restricted income. What possible motive could there be? But very soon all these accepted notions are turned on their heads.


There is a daughter, a fortune, a French lady who arrives to make an extraordinary claim, a private investigator who learned his trade in the USA with the Pinkerton Agency, a poverty stricken milliner and an eccentric taxidermist, to say nothing of a distinguished barrister and a mystery man who appears to be following Lizzie, wife of Inspector Ross. All these people have a piece to contribute to the puzzle of Thomas Tapley. 



This time Ben is called to Newgate prison on the eve of a hanging. The condemned man has a strange tale to relate. Is it true? Ben believes that it is; but has difficulty persuading his superiors to allow him to investigate 'a cold case'.


However, Lizzie is determined that she will look into it and what she discovers persuades Scotland Yard to take the matter seriously.


But Lizzie, in making her enquiries, has entered dangerous territory.






Inspector Ben Ross is called on to solve a murder case in London's bustling crowded Docklands. His wife Lizzie is soon involved. The body is  that of a female money lender and amongst her clients is a young doctor, the brother of the girl who is to marry Lizzie's cousin, Frank. Frank is a member of parliament and scandal could end his career. He certainly doesn't want a murderer for a brother-in-law! Young Dr Wellings protests his innocence and Lizzie sets out to prove  it.